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May 18, 2022

Christine Swenson, Anastasia Masurat, Albert Bautista, Amber London

Office of Global Marketing and Communications

Albert Bautista, Amber London, Anastasia Masurat, and Christine Swenson worked with our office on data gathering, site design, and editing resulting in a new website that conveys our mission and purpose in service of the University. The team's organized, collaborative, and customer-focused approach resulted in the best possible outcome. We are grateful for their combined expertise. Christine was a true partner in the design and editing process. She was proactive, communicative, responsive, attentive, and resourceful.”

Aspasia Apostolakis Miller
Director of Organizational Strategy and Change

May 16, 2022

Nathalia Henry Whitely

Office for Research

As staff members in the IRB Office we have the unique honor of calling Nathalia Henry Whitely our Executive Director. If you've been lucky enough to work with her, be in a meeting with her, or meet her in person you will know she is multi-talented and appreciated by all. She is many things to many of us and here's just some of the words IRB Office staff members used when describing her: a leader, selfless, generous, inclusive, confident, a humanist, benevolent, courageous, resolute, poised, an inspiration, gracious, patient, compassionate, authentic, a motivator, uplifting, resilient, witty, and awesome. Nathalia, thank you for being our advocate and for always prioritizing our well-being. We are grateful for your leadership!”

IRB Office Staff
Office for Research

May 13, 2022

Charles Martell


I'm so extremely grateful for the accommodations the school and department have given me during this rough pregnancy. You deserve the biggest gold star! Thank you again!”

Stephanie Lukas
Program Assistant 3

May 6, 2022

Natali Petkova

Office of Organizational Strategy and Change

I worked with Natali on the May AWS staff survey and she was an MVP in my eyes. Natali asked important questions, communicated consistently, followed up to make sure all was on track -- and did all of this with warmth, graciousness and professionalism. Thank you, Natali!”

Janet Walzer
Senior Director of HR Communications and Strategy

May 4, 2022

Facilities Grounds & Planning


Thank you to our Facilities Grounds crew and Landscape Architect for supporting a fantastic, in-person, Arbor Day tree planting on our Evanston campus! This team is so thoughtful in their approach to this event selecting the trees, identifying planting locations, providing tools, and instructing in a way that truly engages volunteers, answering all of their questions along the way. This is such a special event that allows our campus community to connect to our landscape, planting trees that will become part of our beautiful campus scenery. About 30 students and staff joined in planting trees in honor of Arbor Day and sustainNU's Earth Month programming. Thank you to One Book One Northwestern as well who supported the event, providing pizza for our volunteers and crew. sustainNU is grateful for our partnerships across the Northwestern community.”

Julie Cahilane
Associate Director of Sustainability

April 1, 2022

Jared Shields & Tyriece Kennedy

Northwestern IT

Jared and Tyriece do quite a bit of work for us each year upgrading and improving NUPlans to make it more usable for FSM. They not only understand the IT side but seem to have an understanding on why we want certain changes. They are very responsive when there are issues, and very recently they put A LOT of work into getting a training environment ready for a training session we wanted to hold. It was a success thanks to their work. We are always glad when we see they are involved in a project and hope to continue to work together for years to come!”

Donna Kostel
Director of Financial Management, Feinberg School of Medicine

April 29, 2022

Jennifer Jacobs

School of Professional Studies

My gratitude to my colleague dates back to the beginning of Covid when we all found ourselves thrown into the 'unknown'. At that time I was charged with a task of massive proportion and was freaking out because the task was not in my wheelhouse... I was struggling to sort it out. Practically in a cold sweat I reached out to my colleague Jennifer Jacob. I explained my task to her and I'm sure she could tell that I was in over my head! Cheerfully Jennifer said, "Oh my gosh, I love this stuff... I'll figure it out for you but it might take me a few days". When I got off the Zoom call, I couldn't believe my ears and was so relieved to know that the task was in very capable hands. I haven't forgotten Jennifer's amazing assistance and I'm still very grateful to her.”

Lisa D'Angelo
Administrative Assistant 3

April 28, 2022

Melitza Nieves and Mary Kay Hallisay


Melitza and Mary Kay assisted me with getting a new corporate card. Cards are normally picked up in person or sent to the card holder's office address. B/c of health reasons, I'm largely remote and discouraged from in-person interactions. Melitza proactively reached out to ask me if it would be easier given my situation if the card were mailed to my home. Mary Kay and Melitza's support to provide a flexible option for me is not only appreciated, but illustrative how campus has people who are committed to providing service and support to their colleagues. Thank you, Melitza and Mary Kay!!”

Sheila Kessler
Senior Associate Director of Corporate Relations

April 28, 2022

Andrea Munoz


Thank you for helping me out! Lifting things while pregnant can be hard!”

Stephanie Lukas
Program Assistant 3

April 27, 2022

Diamond Halbert-Jones


I would like to recognize and thank Diamond for all of her help with processing requisitions for our unit during a time when we were without a financial assistant. Her help allowed our faculty and staff to continue doing their research! Thank you immensely!”

Thongsy Singvongsa
Division Administrator 3

April 26, 2022

Sponsored Research, Research Administration, INVO


I recently had a very time sensitive research signature request come through from a company. With the collaboration of individuals from Sponsored Research, Research Administration, INVO, and others we were able to meet a rather tight deadline from our corporate partner and ensure our faculty will receive research funding from our partner. This was a huge team effort from Toby working through the budget and supporting documents to Arjan brainstorming how we can work through the Intellectual Property to Stephanie and Antwan pushing the file through to signature and all the needed documents. Stephanie: thank you so much for your timely communication to our corporate partner and making sure she was aware of all the steps in the process and for sending her all the necessary documents in time. This was certainly a team effort! Thanks to everyone involved.”

Kate Rice
Senior Associate Director of Corporate Relations

April 20, 2022

Dennis Smith Jr.


I first met Dennis Smith Jr. when he deployed my computer monitors a few days ago and was immediately impressed with his commitment to excellence as revealed through his cord management philosophy and practice. He took great care to bundle and route the cords so that they were unobtrusive and didn't upset the feng shui of my office. In talking to him, I learned that cord management is foundational to his approach to deploying computer technology. I appreciate colleagues who attend to details and take pride in the work they deliver. Thank you, Dennis! What could have been a tangled mess of cords is instead a work of art--a visible reminder and source of inspiration to strive for excellence in the details.”

Jessica Thurk
Associate Director, MED Faculty Affairs

April 19, 2022

Eudald Lerga

School of Education and Social Policy

As our Developer Lead, Eudald is a critical member of the staff at Center for Talent Development. As a teammate, he is extra. Eudald has a unique ability to demonstrate both patience and urgency when I bring him a problem or request. His ability to ask questions to get to the root of an issue is exceptional - he strives to see the problem in 3D and this allows him to find a solution, not a temporary bandage. Eudald consistently displays generosity in our interactions - he takes the time to hear my problem/concern and he gives it the attention it needs so that I can do my job. All of this makes me and my work feel valued. That's some serious skill, and I'm lucky to call him a colleague. Thank you for all you do (again and again and again), Eudald!”

Kate Cichon
Project Coordinator Talent 2

April 18, 2022

Kyle Mullen

Office for Research

Kyle Mullen exemplifies the ideals of the IRB. He always has a positive attitude and a strong commitment to teamwork. His unique combination of compassion and enthusiasm for the work we do makes him an amazing colleague more than worthy of recognition. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle in various work groups as well as the IRB’s DEI initiative. He is always more than willing to start and assist with all projects that arise. He’s a great colleague, and I’m thrilled to be able to work with him!”

Edeth Engel
IRB Analyst

April 13, 2022

Manager Foundations Winter Cohort Facilitators (Jessica Linke, Kuani White-Lascelles, Kate Rice)


This is a note of immense gratitude for Jessica, Kuani, Kate for their wonderful work in facilitating our Manager Foundations Winter Cohort that completed earlier in March. They are all alums of our Manager Foundations program, and jumped into the opportunity to be facilitators for our program, all done virtually. All three of these awesome folks spent a considerable amount of time on zoom and on their own prepping to deliver content , and engage with our cohort participants. While there is a certainly a personal and professional development aspect of being a facilitator, at the core, all of them have a deep passion to give back to the Northwestern community, and that is what makes for a great experience for our participants.”

Eric Wu
Leadership & Talent Development Specialist

April 7, 2022

Carissa Thalmann


For managing multiple requests a day to update spreadsheets and always bringing an A+ gif game.”

Rebecca Enright Siroky
Program Administrator

April 5, 2022

Josue Meza-Rivera


I would like to acknowledge and send my greatest appreciation for Josue "Jay" who continually goes out of his way to help me and my division during our time of need for procurement assistance. He is always incredibly responsive with questions related to NUFinancials and the procurement process. Even though he has started a new role within Feinberg, he continually makes time to help his former colleagues (myself included). More importantly, he has such a wonderfully positive attitude that permeates through everything he touches. Thank you greatly, Jay!”

Thongsy Singvongsa
Division Administrator 3

March 31, 2022

Kathleen Lee


I want to take a moment to thank my new supervisor, Kate Lee, for being so welcoming and encouraging in my first few months at Northwestern. You have been so thoughtful and intentional about making me feel included in our dream team of 2 and in the Medill school at large. I can't wait to see what these two ENFJ's can accomplish together!”

Allison LeClere
Director of External Partnerships and Programs

March 31, 2022

Elena Lindstrom


I've had a lot of managers in my career and worked with a lot of leaders within my community, but working with you, I have both a great leader and manager. I am so appreciative to have a young, talented, intelligent, and energetic manager and leader that values diversity, personal and professional growth and development. I observe you strive to be the best at everything you do with compassion, sense of urgency and dignity. Your ability to train me both remotely and onsite for my position is unmatched - you have so much patience, take the time to make audio visuals for training purposes, and push me to step out of my comfort zone, and so much more. You are a true leader and and a developing manager with much potential. You are a great asset to the department and Northwestern University is lucky to have you as a staff.”

Mimi Givens
Program Assistant 2

March 31, 2022

Radha Kulkarni


Just thank you for being you Radha. Your work ethic and ability to think outside the box has been such a welcome to our team. We never have dull, unproductive interactions and I feel like we're always accomplishing things that need to be accomplished.”

Marc Jacott
Coordinator, Academic Scheduling

March 22, 2022

ASAG (APIDA Staff Affinity Group) Leadership Team


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the ASAG (APIDA Staff Affinity Group) leadership team, Ginger, Michele, Jason, Tia, Puja. Not only have they been able to bring ASAG back into a space where we have been able to host events (in person and virtual), they are continually thinking deeply about the community and meeting them where they are at. You all have cultivated a brave and courageous space where members can have dialogue, share stories, while allowing connection to happen. Thanks for allowing me to be on this journey with you all.”

Eric Wu
Leadership & Talent Development Specialist

March 21, 2022

Tas Uting


I just want to acknowledge what an amazing leader Tas Uting has been for the Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Division over the past couple years. With all of the changes that the pandemic forced upon us, she has been nothing but encouraging, empathetic, and fearless for all of us. She leads with determination and conviction, and somehow also remains down-to-earth and loyal to her team in the face of any challenge. I always smile when I see her in the office, and her quick wit, humor, and warmth are a breath of fresh air when the world feels too heavy. Thank you for all you do for us, Tas!”

Kat Barnes
Fellowship & Elective Education Coordinator Division Administrative Assistant

February 18, 2022

Grounds Crew


Northwestern earned 2021Tree Campus Higher Education recognition from the Arbor Day Foundation. A huge thank you to the Northwestern Grounds Crew for all the work they do in maintaining and nurturing nearly 5,000 trees on the Evanston campus.”

Angela Williams

February 11, 2022

Kevin Allen and Allison Osmer


Kevin and Allison are great colleagues - always willing to answer my all of my random questions and save me a lot of stress and time. They also covered for me while I was on maternity leave and I could have that special time with my family, while knowing my faculty were being supported. Allison has recently left the department but still is a great support to me. I am so grateful for them and for all they do! Thank you both!!!”

Cristina Flowerday
Research Administrator

February 10, 2022

Wellness Champions


I am deeply grateful for each Wellness Champion and the energy you exude, for the ideas and support shared, and for your dedication to employee wellness. Because of you, we are better able to support the well-being of our colleagues and the NU community. Thank you!”

Evelyn Cordero
Well-being Specialist, WELL

February 8, 2022

Yvette Davis

Office of Human Resources

Simply genuine and heartwarming interaction with Yvette at 1800 Sherman regarding a payroll paperwork question. She stayed with me patiently and walked me through the online document, and took my information for a follow-up. A true model of excellence in customer service, thank you! ”

Ishrat Fatima
Project Manager of IT, Kellogg

February 7, 2022

Nancy Tierney


Thank you, Nancy, for helping launch Northwestern's first Faculty Wellness Week! You are always such a great partner in fostering a culture of well-being here at the university, whether as a dedicated Wellness Champion, an advocate for Mental Health First Aid, supporting our Your Daily classes, and so much more! My team and I are so grateful to work with you!”

Lesley Lundeen
Well-being Manager, WELL

January 31, 2022

Stefanie Hicks

Office of Human Resources

Thanks for using your passion for social justice in service of University-wide efforts!”

Bill Chafetz
Director, WELL

February 1, 2022

Julie Hynes and Farheen Fatima Asif, Gift Acceptance and Fund Management


Thank you for the ongoing partnership of Gift Acceptance and Fund Management team colleagues, Julie and Farheen, to dig into complex questions about gifts and endowments!”

Jenny Puchtel
Assistant Provost for Administration and Finance

January 28, 2022

Global Marketing Web Development Team; Anastasia Masurat, Nimisha Joshi, Jacob Arnold, Albert Batista, Chris Garcia, Lian LaRussa

Office of Global Marketing and Communications

Thank you Web Development team for partnering with the WELL team in HR to bring this Recognition Hub to life!”

Bill Chafetz
Director, WELL