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Reflect and Plan Your Career

Developing your career at Northwestern and beyond 

You want to grow, and we want you to grow. But how can you take charge of your career growth and learning?  What opportunities are available?  What skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences will help you advance? Included here are resources for reflection and development planning for your use and for use in discussion with your manager. 

Online assessments 

What’s next? 

Planning for development 

Development can take many forms: formal training, degree programs, conferences, mentoring, on the job experiences and shaping your job to your own interests (learn more about “job crafting”).  Make time to talk with your manager about the development that most interests you.  Use the templates provided here to inspire and organize your thinking.  

Career Development Plan Template 

Career Conversation Guide

Growing at Northwestern 

Northwestern encourages career growth for our staff.  Search current opportunities.