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Learn From Where You Are

Learn From Where You Are is here to provide you access to various forms of learning: on-demand, live-virtual, and hybrid learning.  In our efforts to come together as a community in this new environment (in-office, hybrid, remote work) it’s important that we continue to engage with each other and promote our well-being. 

The Talent Development and Well-being team offers many ways for you to grow professionally, build your skills, and stay engaged and connected. Explore our calendar of upcoming workshops and events below.

Learning Calendar

Getting Started 
Connect to Northwestern From Northwestern IT, find the information you need to Get Connected to the University network and technology.
Connect to
your Team
Find tips, videos, and courses about transitioning to a Remote and Virtual Workplace in myHR Learn.
Connect over  
Get Learning Solutions for Mobile Device Users when your only connection is over the telecommunication network and your mobile phone or tablet.

Plan Your Learning

All staff members and managers are encouraged to create a learning plan either for yourself and/or your team. To make this easy, remote learning options are presented below, and include virtual training, select on-demand learning, as well as vetted external and internal videos, documents, websites. And to make more learning accessible to all, courses that previously required fees will be offered to the community at no cost.

In addition, you can browse the full LinkedIn Learning catalog for even more on-demand learning, all available at no cost to Northwestern students, faculty, and staff. You and your teams may also identify learning interests specific to your functional area, which could take the form of books, articles, videos, and other materials. Here are resources to help you plan, conduct, and reflect on your and your team’s professional development.

Managers, please note that training approvals for team members will not be required for virtual learning. You can use the Team Learning Planner and the Learning Dashboard in myHR Learn to manage and monitor team learning.

Choose Your Learning

Expand the categories below to explore the offerings available. Follow the links within each category to myHR Learn and to other learning providers, including Northwestern MOOCs. 

Transitioning to a Remote and Virtual Workplace

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


General Disclaimer

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Enterprise Systems

Getting Started with Northwestern Enterprise Systems


Leadership and Management

Performance and Feedback



Career Development

Team Effectiveness

Speciality Skills

Learning remotely affords all members of our community an opportunity to work with their managers and colleagues to refresh or acquire knowledge and skills that will help improve performance and develop for the future. Create your own learning journey by exploring skill-specific content below, in myHR Learn or LinkedIn Learning.


  • Northwestern News 
    • Check out this central repository for podcasts curated by the schools and units across the Northwestern Community. The topics range from the arts to business to science to the humanities, providing something for everyone.  
  • Northwestern Intersections 
    • Listen to Northwestern Alumni share insights about how their careers have evolved and how key intersections of experience, opportunity and alumni connections have propelled them to where they are today. Download the app for easy mobile use.


Adding learning content to Learn From Where You Are

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