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Donna Wang Su

Coordinator of Graduate Services & Financial Aid, Henry & Leigh Bienen School of Music

Donna Wang Su headshot

For me, Northwestern is a special place, and the community is constantly thriving. Each school and department is so busy! There is constant activity regardless of the season, whether it’s summer sessions, conferences, the Cherub programs or inviting speakers and hosting executive educational workshops to be on campus.”

After more than a decade at Northwestern, Donna Wang Su knows what sets Northwestern apart as an employer: its benefits. None have shaped Su's professional life more than the tuition discount, which Su used to complete multiple certificates and a master's degree. “Within my first year, I earned a Business Administration Leadership certificate from Northwestern, which further lead to me completing my Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration and finishing up my certificate in Higher Education and Policy,” says Su. 

She has applied this training to her current position as Coordinator of Graduate Services and Financial Aid for Bienen School of Music. In this role, she oversees all PhD, DMA and MM students. “I plan their orientation and graduation and in between, I handle their academic advising, faculty consultations, financial aid, scholarship/endowment, graduate stipend assignments/payroll, student parenting support, and even host student affairs workshops for them.” In addition these supports, Su provides the students with a safe space for discussion.

“Currently, I have 237 students and I’m proud to say that I know each and every single one of them.”

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