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Workplace Strategies

Student Affairs Workplace Strategies  

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to cultivating organizational health and recognizes that offering a range of Workplace Strategies promotes work/life effectiveness, productivity, staff engagement, and cross training. Workplace Strategies also enable Student Affairs to consider different ways of utilizing physical workspaces, technology, and other tools. 

Northwestern University uses “Workplace Strategies” as an umbrella term that encompasses all alternative approaches to traditionally structured, in-person work in an employer-designated location within designated work hours or shifts. Common strategies in Student Affairs have included remote work one or two days per week, flextime to adjust work schedules, and seasonal arrangements. 

Supervisors will review each request individually and make decisions equitably, although equitable consideration does not guarantee identical Workplace Strategies for every employee. Some positions may not be conducive to certain types of Workplace Strategies for reasons including the nature of the position, the work required, or the operational needs of the department. We encourage Student Affairs staff and supervisors to collaborate on individual, tailored solutions. 


Staff members may initiate Workplace Strategy requests by talking with their supervisor. If a supervisor approves a request, the supervisor must submit the Student Affairs Workplace Strategy form to document the strategy. Supervisors and employees will review approved Workplace Strategies quarterly and update Strategies on file at least annually. 

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