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Alternative Work Strategies

The extended period of virtual work during the COVID-19 pandemic has provided valuable insights into the potential benefits of thoughtful use of Alternative Work Strategies for our staff and for our institution. Northwestern recognizes that the implementation of Alternative Work Strategies supports a variety of goals related to staff engagement and well-being, recruitment and retention, sustainability, service excellence, cost efficiencies, space utilization, and the overall enhancement of the employment experience.

Policy on Alternative Work Strategies

The new Policy on Alternative Work Strategies establishes a common, ongoing framework and common definitions, within which school and unit leadership can implement various Alternative Work Strategies—including but not limited to remote work—in accordance with their operational needs. Please see the Policy for the range of Alternative Work Strategies. To maintain the vibrancy that characterizes our campuses, the University expects that most employees will continue to work on designated campus locations for a majority of their work week. The Policy on Alternative Work Strategies will supersede the Flexible Work Arrangements guidance.

Download the Policy on Alternative Work Strategies, (effective July 6, 2021)

Alternative Work Strategies Toolkit