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Create a Position Description

Responsible party: Hiring manager in collaboration with departmental leadership, SAHR, and appropriate stakeholders. 


Examples of Job Description Elements


Common example 


Possible Alternative 


Bachelor’s degree required 

Educational attainment rates vary by race and ethnicity. Are we using education a proxy for knowledge that could be acquired in other ways? 

Bachelor’s degree or four years of relevant work experience required. 


Counseling experience in higher education 

White people are overrepresented in many areas of higher education. What other industries provide transferable experience?  

Counseling experience with young adults 

Required vs. preferred 

Experience using [software x] required 

Women are less likely to apply if they do not meet every requirement. Which skills can be learned on the job? 

Required: ability to learn new software. Preferred: experience with [software x]. 

Job experience 

2 years of experience staffing a front desk 

Attracting candidates with diverse experience strengthens our teams. In what other jobs could someone acquire relevant skills?  

Demonstrated experience fielding fast-paced requests (for example, front desk, customer service, host, retail) 

Specific skills 

Strong communication skills required 

Being specific helps applicants understand what’s required. In what context will the applicant use these skills? 

Ability to convey calm when communicating with students and parents during crises -or- Ability to write persuasive reports to senior leaders -or- Ability to convey technical information to lay audiences 


Ability to lift 25 pounds required 

Is this ability convenient or essential? Is 25 pounds the right amount? 

Reduce as much as possible, and omit if not essential