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Other Staff Development Resources

Staff development can be tailored to improving skills within current employment, skills to reach the next level up, broader experience in preparation for other types of employment, career-related support, and exploration of future career possibilities. This can include a wide range of activities, such as: learning on the job, soliciting feedback, engaging in leadership opportunities, self-paced learning or structured education, and building relationships.

We encourage staff to think broadly about the activities and topics that contribute to staff development, as well as strategies to prioritize it. For ideas, view Strategies for Staff Development.

 Our Staff Engagement Sharepoint Site is filled with staff development resources:


NU Staff Affinity Group

NU Staff Affinity Groups

Group Information


Black Professionals Network

Unidos: Latinx Professionals Coalition

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Staff Affinity Group (ASAG)

Association for Higher Education Administrators' Development (AHEAD)

Association of Northwestern University Women (ANUW)

OUT Network - LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Affinity Group

NU Professional Development