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Staff Engagement Committee Members

Staff Development Committee Members

The Staff Development Committee plans and implements programs and activities for bi-weekly and exempt staff that increase professional knowledge, skills and competencies.

Staff Development Committee
Name Department
Robert Aaron Student Affairs Assessment and Planning
Irene Armas Student Affairs Human Resources
Dornette Ashley
Norris University Center
Chris Cvikota — Co-chair Norris University Center
Melissa Goethals Northwestern Career Advancement
Kim Lange Operations & Services
Kendra Oyer Student Affairs Human Resources
Deb Padgett Residential Life
Austin Siegel Student Affairs Marketing
Meredith Ciesemier — Co-chair Norris University Center

Staff Social Committee

The Staff Social Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the fall celebration, the annual awards event, and other activities that bring the Student Affairs community together.

Staff Social Committee
Name Department
Stacey Brown Operations & Services 
Laura Myers Northwestern Career Advancement
Beth Tucker Northwestern Career Advancement

Book Club

The Book Club invites staff to engage in conversations about books, articles, and podcasts.