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Overview: Hiring in Student Affairs

Student Affairs provides the following recruitment and hiring guidance to foster racially just hiring practices within the division. While hiring is just one part of the employment lifecycle, racially just hiring practices are vital to selecting diverse staff who can promote the division’s vision of building just, healthy, and meaningful student learning experiences. Hiring is a critical juncture in living out our division’s strategic themes of:  

Through each step in the recruitment & hiring process, this website is intended to support these guiding principles so we can: 

Hiring Workbook

Student Affairs uses a Hiring Workbook to incorporate an equity lens while guiding managers through and providing resources for each step of the hiring process. If you are a Student Affairs hiring manager who will be filling a vacant position, click here to request a Hiring Workbook link from SAHR that is specific to your vacancy. Be sure your workbook is up to date before posting the job and before making an offer to your finalist. For a PDF sample of the workbook (not editable), click here.

Request a Hiring Workbook

Check back frequently for updates and offer us your feedback. This resource will continue to develop with our collective expertise and experience.