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Chicago Organizations Finance Office

The Chicago Organizations Finance Office (COFO) provides financial services for University-recognized student organizations. Through COFO, student organizations may open and maintain fiduciary accounts, produce checks, and make charges or receive deposits through NUFinancials.

University-recognized student organizations enjoy several "umbrella" benefits such as tax-exempt status, certain insurance and legal services, sponsorship, etc. However, for an organization to enjoy these benefits, all funds must be deposited in a COFO account. Student organizations are prohibited from having any additional savings or checking accounts.

COFO has compiled a handbook of policies and procedures. These guidelines are designed to comply with University regulations. COFO users must read document and abide by the policies and procedures contained within a handbook:

COFO manuals and handbook

COFO cannot reimburse for the following:

Important notes about payments:

COFO forms (referred to in the handbook):

Each group president and treasurer must individually complete COFO Training and the COFO Quiz Sign-Up. The signature cards and the quiz can be completed in COFO office. Both documents must be completed before officers are authorized to use their COFO account.

Student Organization Officers:

The COFO office will be open by appointment only Tuesdays and Fridays.

Checks, vouchers and reimbursements can be mailed to the address below, dropped off at the COFO office or at the COFO mailbox.

When dropping off check requests, please staple back-up documentation behind the white copy of the voucher and include a self addressed envelope so we can mail the check. Then, just put a note on the envelope indicating it is for COFO, 7th floor. You may also drop off checks for deposit (remember to indicate your group's name and account number, as well as the total amount of deposit). For instructions regarding cash deposits, email or phone the COFO office.

If you have any questions regarding COFO policies and procedures, or need assistance relating to your organization’s account, please contact the COFO office.