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Student Affairs Staff Awards

Each year, we recognize individual staff members, departments, or groups who have done fabulous work in the Division of Student Affairs. The recipients of these awards are announced at the annual end-of-the-year celebration. These awards are directly related to the Student Affairs Strategic Plan, including our mission, vision, values and behaviors, and strategic themes.

Nomination Process

Once nominations are received, SALT decides upon the recipients using the same selection criteria listed within the nomination form. It is considered an honor to be nominated for any award by one’s peers! Award nominations and recipients will be announced this summer. More details forthcoming.

The Awards

Campus Partner Award

The Campus Partner Award recognizes a faculty or staff member, alumni, or department--not a part of Student Affairs--who has been an outstanding partner with student affairs on a significant initiative to improve the Northwestern experience for students.

Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award recognizes a Student Affairs staff member, department, or group that has embodied the Division’s value of collaboration by partnering with one another (inside or outside of Student Affairs) – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.  

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes significant commitment to the Division of Student Affairs. Student Affairs staff members who have worked in the Division for at least three (3) years and have exhibited outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: significant service to Northwestern; mentoring activities or substantial service to the Division and the student experience.

Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin Contribution To The Profession Award

Introduced in 2019, the Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin Contribution to the Profession award recognizes staff members for high contributions to the greater professional field. Examples of this could include significant leadership in national/international professional organizations; development and research activities; and/or participation in opportunities for lifelong learning.

Discovery Award

The Discovery Award is given to a Student Affairs staff member, department, or group that has developed creative, novel, and sustainable ideas within the last year.

Responsibility Award

The Responsibility Award recognizes a Student Affairs staff member who has consistently demonstrated good stewardship and integrity.

Social Justice Award

The Social Justice Award recognizes a Student Affairs staff member, department, or group who facilitates full and equal access to learning, and/or fosters a Northwestern community that is equitable and inclusive. 

Compassionate Leadership Award

The Compassionate Leadership Award recognizes a Student Affairs staff member or group who demonstrates concern for the welfare of others through decisions, words, actions, and owning their impact.  

Well-Being Award

The well-being award recognizes a Student Affairs staff member or group who makes an impact on the overall physical and mental health of students or staff.