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These postings are for current or incoming full-time undergraduate Northwestern students only. Any invalid applicants should not expect a response from supervisors.

How to Apply

  1. Read the position descriptions to decide which position(s) interest you.
  2. Prepare your cover letter and resume, as Word, text, or PDF files.
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University Career Advancement

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Norris Positions Open:

Position Title Position Description  (click on link for detailed-description) Contact Information Job Post End Date
AV Technician

AV Technician - Norris Technical Services

A Norris Technical Services (NTS) AV Technician is responsible for the setup, operation and maintenance of audio-visual equipment in the Norris University Center and Satellite Venues. The position entails a large amount of responsibility and customer service on the part of the technician as they are frequently the only member of the staff member working an event. Technicians are expected to hold a large amount of knowledge on AV equipment, and provide exemplary customer service.

Christopher Burpee

Technical Services Manager 

March 25, 2018
ARTica Attendant

ARTica Studios Attendant

An active team member who participates in the area’s development and daily operation, including completion of daily tasks, assisting with promotion/advertising, equipment usage instruction, and ensuring the safety of the patrons. The attendant creates a friendly, informative, customer-oriented atmosphere through interacting professionally with customers and assisting them with their art projects.

Nancy Cambron-Perez

Program Coordinator 

May 10, 2018
Dittmar Gallery Attendant

Dittmar Gallery Attendant

Under the direction of the Coordinator, the Norris Dittmar Gallery Attendant provides support for the day to day operation of the gallery. The attendant is a vital part of working with artists (exhibition set-ups and strikes), maintenance of the gallery, and interacting with the general public.

Must be able to work Spring 2018 and Fall 2018

Nancy Cambron-Perez

Program Coordinator 

April 2, 2018
Marketing Intern

Northwestern Dining: Marketing Intern

Looking for creative, driven, and charismatic people to assist with marketing dining initiatives and programs.

Why work for us?

Have fun working in a creative environment. Own projects. Plan and attend events. Collaborate. Meet people. Learn about Marketing plans. Improve presentation skills. Analyze trends. Deliver results. All while eating for free on your shift....

Maria Chicaiza

Unit Marketing Coordinator 

May 18, 2018

Proof of Work Eligibility

Due to government regulations, you must complete federal employment eligibility before being hired, including showing original proof of identification. Carefully review the work eligibility list (PDF) to ensure you have the correct documents. By applying, you acknowledge that you will not be hired or paid for any time worked until these documents are presented.