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  • One application can be used to apply to up to three positions.
  • Please apply only to positions currently open and available.
  • Work-Study preferred, but Work-Study eligibility is not required to apply, unless noted in the Position Description field below.
  • All Norris jobs for the 2019-2020 academic year have a starting hourly wage of $12.00, unless otherwise specified. 


These postings are for current or incoming full-time undergraduate Northwestern students only. Any invalid applicants should not expect a response from supervisors.

How to Apply

  1. Read the position descriptions to decide which position(s) interest you.
  2. Prepare your cover letter and resume, as Word, text, or PDF files.
  3. Complete the Norris Job Application.

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Norris Positions Open:

Position Title Position Description  (click on title link for
detailed description)
Contact Information Job Post End Date
AV Student Technician

AV Student Technician - Norris Technical Services

A Norris Technical Services (NTS) AV Technician is responsible for the setup, operation and maintenance of audio-visual equipment in the Norris University Center and Satellite Venues. The position entails a large amount of responsibility and customer service on the part of the technician as they are frequently the only member of the staff member working an event. Technicians are expected to hold a large amount of knowledge on AV equipment, and provide exemplary customer service.


Christopher Burpee
Assistant Director, Technical Services
    and Performance Venues


SOFO Financial Assistant

SOFO Financial Assistant


SOFO Financial Assistants help student group leaders initiate the financial transactions that
support their group’s activities. They do this by working with the group leaders to review the
documents that support the transaction requests and processing them once they are complete.

Gain a very good understanding of financial concepts/processes, as well as valuable
transferable skills in customer service, teamwork, and office functions and technologies. No financial experience is necessary to apply.

Federica Firetto
SOFO Supervisor

Production Attendant

Production Attendant

The Norris Center Production Attendants are vital members of the Event Management team. They are responsible for the setup and teardown of equipment and A/V for all events in the Norris Center, serving a wide range of clients in the building.

Michael Hill
Production Manager

Apple Tech Store Associate

Apple Tech Store Associate in Northwestern Bookstore


Work with Apple Tech Manager and other management staff to assist customers with technology needs. Opportunity for training on all Apple products and other tech items. 

Steven Hannen
General Manager
Northwestern Bookstore

Performance and Satellite Venues Attendant

Performance and Satellite Venues Attendant

The Norris Center Performance and Satellite Venues Attendants help maintain equipment and staff events at the Norris Center Performance and Satellite Venues. These include Cahn Auditorium, The Guild Lounge, Ryan Family Auditorium, Shanley Pavilion, Lutkin Hall, 2122 Performance Hall, and The Great Room. Attendants are vital to the smooth operation of the Performance and Satellite Venues, provide support to the users of the venues, and function as representatives of The Norris Center at events.


Emily Crespo
Performance Production Manager


Proof of Work Eligibility

Due to government regulations, you must complete federal employment eligibility before being hired, including showing original proof of identification. Carefully review the work eligibility list (PDF) to ensure you have the correct documents. By applying, you acknowledge that you will not be hired or paid for any time worked until these documents are presented.