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Rooms and Buildings

What are the exact dimensions of my room?

Because there are so many diverse housing options for students on campus, we are unable to offer exact dimensions for specific rooms or buildings. We suggest that you check out thResidence Hall and College descriptions for estimates of average room sizes in each building. We cannot give you exact room dimensions once you are able to identify your room number and building.

I anticipate getting a lot of care packages from home. What is my exact mailing address?

Your room number and the mailing address of your building are included on your online housing contract. You can navigate to your building's profile page for the preferred mail address format for each building.

NOTE: All mail with zip code 60208 or "Northwestern University" will first be delivered to the campus mail center before arriving at the mailroom. This will significantly delay delivery. To ensure faster service, please be sure to address your letters as indicated on the specific building's page.

Where can I find more information about the building to which I was assigned?

You can find out more information about each building by reading descriptions of thresidence halls and residential colleges, or, if you were assigned to a residential college, by visiting the residential college website.