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I have never shared a room before. What can I do to ensure that my roommate and I get along?

Chances are, your new roommate has never shared a room before, either. We have some excellent information oliving with a roommateCooperation, communication, and flexibility are the key to a successful roommate relationship.

How do I find out the name of my roommate?

If you did not select your own roommate(s) during the online room selection process, you maemail the Freshmen Housing Coordinators for the name of your roommate(s).

How are roommates assigned?

If you did not select your own roommate(s), Residential Services will pair you with a roommate based upon the lifestyle preferences you submitted as part of your housing contract.

I do not have a roommate listed on my contract. Does this mean I am in a single room?

This means that you are either assigned to a single room or assigned to a double room, but your roommate has not yet been assigned. Pleasemail the Freshman Housing Coordinators to find out whether you are in a single room or a double room that has not been fully assigned.

How do I contact my roommate? Can I call residential services for information about my roommate?

Residential Services does not give out any information over the telephone or via email regarding Northwestern students unless they have authorized us to do so.

To find out how to contact your new roommate(s), pleasse use the online directory system.

Type in the name of a Northwestern student, faculty member, or office and press the Query button to get contact information.

I searched for someone in the online directory, but was not able to find much information. At the top of the page, it said this: "northwestern students, faculty and staff: Use the authenticated web page to gain full access to directory information from off campus.” now what do I do?

Click the link to the authenticated webpage and enter your NetID and password (the same ones you use for your NU email); then, click the [more info] link next to their name.