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Parent and Family Guide


On behalf of the whole Northwestern community, I express my heartfelt best wishes for the upcoming academic year and beyond. We expect that your Wildcat family pride will be great from the moment your student marches through the arch, and long after your student marches in Commencement ceremonies.

This fall the newest Wildcats embark on a journey that will affect their adult years in profound ways. All of us at Northwestern are committed to making that journey rewarding and fulfilling. As Wildcat family members, we depend on you to help support this journey.

 Whether this is the first or the fourth time you are sending a child to college, you and your family will have questions about the roles you and the University are expected to play. The goals of this Parent and Family Guide are to address some of those questions and to acquaint you more fully with our community.

 As parents and as higher education professionals, my colleagues and I know that families can gain a valuable perspective on the University and its mission through active engagement. We encourage you to be involved members of the Northwestern family and to make the most of the relationships you gain here.

 Wildcat families trust University administrators, staff, and faculty to make the Northwestern experience a vital touchstone in every student’s life. I am confident that together we can build a solid foundation for your student’s success and create possibilities now that will bring lifelong rewards.

Best Regards & Go ’Cats!

Patricia F. Hilkert
Senior Program Coordinator of Family Engagement
Northwestern University