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GeoBlue for Students

All Northwestern undergraduate, graduate and professional students (except for Kellogg students) are required to enroll in GeoBlue to obtain Northwestern’s international medical assistance and insurance plan with GeoBlue.  Some students traveling abroad will need to enroll in GeoBlue individually. For students traveling with Northwestern-sponsored groups, GeoBlue will be purchased by the school, unit or department on the students' behalf.  

Furthermore, some external study abroad programs (operated by third-party providers) require students to purchase GeoBlue's insurance coverage through their program. In those cases where the program requires GeoBlue health insurance, Northwestern students are not required to purchase it through Northwestern. Northwestern also permits a limited number of exemptions for study abroad/third-party providers whose insurance plans are deemed compatible to GeoBlue. See Study Abroad Health Insurance for a list of programs exempt from the Northwestern GeoBlue purchase requirement.


  • The Northwestern GeoBlue Student plan is available to students enrolled at Northwestern University for the current or upcoming term who are engaged in university-sponsored or supported travel
  • For personal travel, students can purchase health insurance for leisure travel
  • McGaw Residents are not eligible for the GeoBlue for Students policy (or GeoBlue for Employees), but are encouraged enroll in one of GeoBlue’s commercial products

Student Rate

  • The GeoBlue student rate between January 1 and December 31, 2024 is $2.10/day
  • GeoBlue cannot be purchased for less than seven days
  • Students who study abroad in their country of citizenship may not be required or eligible to purchase GeoBlue; read more under international health insurance in the FAQs

Registration/Pre-travel preparation

  • As soon as travel dates are determined, use the Northwestern GeoBlue enrollment portal to enroll using a personal credit card. (DO NOT "Google" GeoBlue – this will direct travelers to a commercial products web portal - and not the Northwestern group plan.) If you are traveling with Northwestern-sponsored group, GeoBlue will be purchase on your behalf by your unit, department, or school. Before traveling, you will receive a welcome email (see next bullet) from GeoBlue confirming your coverage. 
  • Within 48 hours of enrollment, a welcome email will be sent out with a certificate number; before you travel, download the free mobile app available for Apple or Android phones and register as a member
  • While abroad, the GeoBlue mobile app uses GPS to find international doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, make appointments for health care needs, set up direct pay, and submit claims for reimbursement.  Alternatively, visit to view important plan information and to access convenient self-service tools. Login with the username and password you created when you registered through the app.
  • For students with pre-existing health conditions, GeoBlue offers an opportunity to meet directly with a medical clinician before you travel to create a plan to manage your physical or mental health condition abroad. You can access this confidential service directly by completing the questionnaire linked to this Pre-departure Program flyer . Read the flyer and the commonly asked questions to learn more. Once abroad, you can connect with the same clinician if you face challenges putting your health management plan into action. Contact Beth Osterlund of Northwestern’s Office of Global Safety and Security if you have questions or need assistance accessing this pre-departure program.

Coverage Highlights

  • Zero deductible/no co-pays/no co-insurance
  • Pre-departure consultations with GeoBlue Global Health & Safety team
  • Routine, non-emergency care (including appointment assistance)
  • Continuing services needed for pre-existing condition (such as physical therapy, allergy shots, counseling, routine blood work, etc.)
  • Emergency treatment for accidents, injuries, illness, etc.
  • Mental health services (including counseling/therapy)
  • Prescription medication (including preventative medications) 
  • Care coordination/quality assurance
  • Remote counseling and telehealth services

Additional benefits requiring approval from GeoBlue at the time of need before benefit is conferred:

  • Emergency family travel arrangements*
  • Medical evacuation
  • Security/natural disaster evacuation (provided by Drum Cussac)
  • Medical escort for travelers unable to return on their own
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Accidental death/dismemberment benefit

Remote Care Services

These remote services complement the services provided locally in the international destination:

Global TeleMD
  • Can be used to connect with a network of global doctors available by phone or video call for a same day medical consultation
  • There is no additional charge for services
  • For non-emergency use only; for emergencies call the 911 equivalent in local area
  • Can be used to order prescriptions and send referrals to specialists
  • Get started by downloading the Global TeleMD App and registering using a certificate number
  • Once registration is complete, click “request a phone call” to connect to a medical doctor; using GPS, the call will connect to a local number
  • If no local number is available, ask to reverse the charges
  • Read the Global TeleMD flyer for more information
Global Wellness Assist
  • Provides confidential support any time, any day (24/7)
  • Professionals can assist on a variety of mental health and wellness issues 
  • There is no cost for up to 6 counseling sessions per issue (telephonic or in person)
  • To access counseling while you are abroad, follow the instructions on the Global Wellness Assist flyer 


  • Loss arising from participating in any participation in professional sport, contest or competition, scuba diving**, sky diving, mountaineering (where ropes and climbing equipment are customarily used), ultra-light aircraft, parasailing, sailplaning/gliders, hang gliding, parachuting, or bungee jumping

Care and Claims

  • To manage a pre-existing condition, be sure to contact GeoBlue in advance of your departure.  Most prescription medications are easily transportable abroad. However, certain prescribed medications  may not be available  or are considered illegal in some foreign countries.  From more information, read  Traveling with Medications.    
  • To arrange routine care during extended visits or direct payment of medical expenses, follow the directions under accessing routine (non-emergency) care abroad
  • In case of medical emergency abroad, the traveler should go to the nearest clinic or hospital then follow directions under medical emergencies
  • If travelers pay up front for care, follow directions for seeking reimbursement for care 

* Reimbursement of airfare and accommodations for a family member to travel to the covered person’s place of hospital confinement. This benefit requires an expected hospital stay in excess of three days.

** If you have a scuba diving certification, contact OGSS in advance of your trip to discuss coverage options.

Find answers to common questions about health insurance coverage on our Frequently Asked Questions webpage or contact OGSS.