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GeoBlue for Students

All Northwestern students, graduate and undergraduate, are required to enroll in GeoBlue for students to obtain Northwestern’s international medical assistance and insurance plan with GeoBlue. Some students traveling abroad will need to enroll in GeoBlue individually. Students traveling with Northwestern-sponsored groups should check with their group leader to determine if insurance is being purchased on their behalf.

Furthermore, some external study abroad programs (operated by third-party providers) require students to purchase GeoBlue's insurance coverage through their program. In those cases where the program requires GeoBlue health insurance, Northwestern students are not required to purchase it through Northwestern. Northwestern also permits a limited number of exemptions for providers whose insurance plans are deemed compatible to GeoBlue. See Study Abroad Health Insurance for a list of programs exempt from the Northwestern GeoBlue purchase requirement.

2020 Rates
Student  $1.81/day
Student’s Spouse/Partner* $5.02/day
Student’s Child  $2.61/day
Student’s Children  $5.22/day


Additional plan Information:

Snapshot of benefits

Additional specialty benefits

Benefits requiring approval from GeoBlue at the time of need before benefit is conferred:

Activity exclusions

Illness or injury as a result of participating in any of the following activities will not be covered under this policy:

Monetary limits

Specialized Benefits Student, Spouse or Child
Maximum for medical expenses during period of coverage $250,000
Maximum per injury or sickness $250,000
Deductible (per injury or sickness) $0
Accidental Death up to $10,000 for student, $5,000 for spouse and $1,000 for dependent
Repatriation of remains up to $50,000
Medical evacuation per coverage period up to $250,000
Emergency Family Travel Arrangements** up to $10,000

* If you have a scuba diving certification, contact OGSS in advance of your trip to discuss coverage options.

* *Reimbursement of airfare and accommodation for a family member to travel to the covered person’s place of hospital confinement. This benefit requires an expected hospital stay in excess of three days.

Find answers to common questions about health insurance coverage on our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.