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Travel Registry FAQs

After reviewing the International Travel Registry homepage for basic information, additional common questions can be found below. 

The Basics of the Travel Registry

Do faculty and staff need to register their international travel?

No, the travel registry is for students only with one exception: staff or faculty must register if they are leading a group of students abroad. In this case, only one staff or faculty member needs to register. Read the Checklist for Group Travel Abroad for detailed instructions. 

If I am an international student returning to my home country for research or other purposes, do I need to register my travel?

International students returning home (even on Northwestern-affiliated travel) should not register in the International Travel Registry. Instead, international students studying or researching abroad during the academic year should submit a "Report Study or Research Abroad" request via the OISS portal. Disclosures outside this time frame or for other purposes are optional.

As an undergraduate student, do I need to register my international travel?

Undergraduate study abroad students do not need to complete the travel registry; instead go to Application Steps to apply for a credit-bearing study abroad program.  Undergraduate students receiving funding for non-credit travel such as through the Undergraduate Research Office or Career Advancement or those traveling with Registered Student Organizations, should register their travel.

Am I required complete the travel registry if I’m traveling domestically?

No, the Travel Registry is for international travel only. Student traveling within the US should not enroll in the travel registry. 

International Health Insurance

Am I required to enroll in GeoBlue if I am a citizen of my destination?

No, if all of the following apply:

  • you are a dual citizen or regular citizen of the destination country;
  • you are a permanent resident of the destination country; and
  • you are enrolled in a health care plan in that country.

Usually, most dual citizen students are permanent residents of the U.S. We ask students, “If you got really sick or injured and you couldn’t continue with the program, where would you want to recover?” The answer is usually “home,” which often means here in the United States. The GeoBlue plan covers the costs of medical evacuation to your home when it is in the United States.

Should I "Google" GeoBlue and purchase the commercial policy?

No, for Northwestern-sponsored travel, you should purchase Northwestern’s GeoBlue insurance policy (which is more comprehensive and has fewer exclusions than GeoBlue’s commercial policies), and is only available through the Northwestern GeoBlue portal

How can I show proof of enrollment in an international medical insurance plan to obtain my visa?

Students who are enrolled in GeoBlue who need to show proof of insurance for the purpose of their visa application (or scholarship application) can now download a visa letter directly from the GeoBlue students site.  Go to:, create an account and download the visa letter. 
If you have additional questions, email