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Sports and Entertainment Venue Security Recommendations

Students planning to attend an event at an entertainment venue are encouraged to pay particular attention to their surroundings. Notable attacks in places like ManchesterIstanbul and Paris have highlighted the apparent desire of terrorist organizations to target music halls and nightclubs. If students decide to see a show, the below tips can help enhance one’s situational awareness.

 Be aware that not all security screenings at concert halls/nightclubs are the same. Some places require bag checks and others prohibit all types of bags. More stringent security protocols may require pat downs and metal-detector walkthroughs. Specific security information is sometimes published on the club’s website

  • Provide someone in your program who is not attending the event the details of the show (location, start and approximate end time, mobile number, friends in attendance, etc.)
  • Upon arrival to the venue, walk around the premises to identify all entry and exit points, also visualize different exit strategies in the event of an emergency
  • Discuss an emergency plan with your friends in the event you become separated during the concert (e.g. have a pre-identified meeting point) 
  • Try to pay attention to your surroundings before, during and after the event
  • Report all suspicious activity to security staff at the venue
  • If an emergency situation occurs, exit the building in a quick and calm manner – once you are in a secure location, notify your friends, family and relevant Northwestern contacts that you are safe