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Travel Health, Safety and Security

The health, safety and security of Northwestern’s travelers is important to the entire Northwestern community, not just the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS). To help you understand the institution’s role in this process, as well as your own responsibilities, we have put together the following information.

In addition to the travel health, safety and security information on this website, the OGSS staff has developed pre-departure educational programing to prepare students to go abroad.

All undergraduates participating in university-sponsored international travel are required to participate in pre-departure health and safety training that includes the following modules (or a version thereof). Compliance is tracked through Canvas, Northwestern’s course management system.  Viewing the modules here will not count towards compliance.

We have provided access to these modules here for other populations who are not required to view the material, but are interested in the contents.

Review all pre-departure requirements or recommendations on our travel policies page. ATTENTION: THESE LINKS ARE CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED AND MAY BE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. 

1: Introduction to Travel Health and Safety Support & Requirements (2 mins.)

2: Introduction to GeoBlue: Overview, Coverage and Enrollment (4 mins.)

3: Pre-departure Health Care Planning and Management (3 mins.)

4: Health Care Needs Abroad (3 mins.)

5. Remote Care Services (2 mins.)

6:  Responding to Sexual Misconduct (5.5 mins.)*

7: Travel Safety (Fire, Water, Roads and Housing Risks) (5 mins.)

8: Travel Security (Terrorism and Crime) (4 mins.)

9: Communication Abroad (Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi, Apps and Email) (4 mins.)

10: Recap/Summary (2 mins.)

Coming August 2020 – new module on Communicable Disease Prevention

*Developed in conjunction with the Office of Equity