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Group Trip Enrollment

Northwestern requires all university-affiliated group travel to be registered with the institution through the International Travel Registry (ITR). This information will be used to share health and safety resources as well as to coordinate with trip leaders and sponsoring units in an emergency. Trip leaders or organizers should enroll group trips in the ITR at least six weeks before departure, if possible.

Instructions for Enrolling Group Trips in the Travel Registry

To enroll a trip, the trip leader or organizer must complete a group trip survey. Have the following information available to complete the process quickly and efficiently:

  1. The primary trip leader’s name, netID, email address, and phone number
  2. An additional trip leader's, name, email address and phone number (optional)
  3. Arrival and departure dates in each city/country during the trip
  4. Name of the accommodations such as a hotel, if applicable
  5. An ITR Group Spreadsheet  completed as follows:
    1. List each student traveler’s first name, last name and Northwestern email address; leave the last column labeled UUUID blank
    2. Do NOT add employee travelers to this spreadsheet.
    3. If any of your student's have graduated, review alumni/students who have graduated to determine eligibility
    4. Save this spreadsheet and upload it to the group trip enrollment questionnaire.

When ready, click on the Group Trip Survey to begin.

Once you submit a survey, the OGSS team will enroll your group trip into the ITR within five business days and your students will receive an email directing them to log into the ITR and complete their trip requirements. The trip leader will receive an email confirmation that the trip has been enrolled.

Note that some faculty and staff who support recurring travel abroad have been trained to enter data directly into the Travel Registry, and therefore should not complete the Questionnaire.

Monitoring Completion of Trip Requirements

Trip leaders or trip organizers are responsible for monitoring the completion of their travelers’ trip requirements using the instructions below.