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Accessing Routine (Non-Emergency) Care Abroad

Students on Northwestern-administered group travel

For routine (non-emergency) medical needs abroad, students on Northwestern-administered trips or programs should report any need for medical care to on-site staff or program directors as soon as possible so they can assist in the arrangement of quality care. Students who wish to arrange their own care are also free to follow the instructions below. 

All travelers

All Northwestern travelers, including students traveling alone, with routine health care needs abroad have options to access care. Be sure to provide the bulleted details in a call or email.

1)    Call GeoBlue by phone (24/7) at (610) 254-8771 and ask for the Global Health Team.

2)    Email GeoBlue’s Global Health Team at

In an email or phone call provide:

  • name
  • GeoBlue certificate number (if available) or NU group number (for employees only)
  • date of birth
  • current location (city/country)
  • a description of your symptoms (and whether or not they are related to any pre-existing conditions in case referral to a specialist is required)
  • local contact information
  • preferred days of the week and/or time of day for an appointment  

3)    Use the GeoBlue mobile app to search for a provider in your area. Call the numbers listed to set up an appointment directly with the provider's office. Once the appointment has been made, use the App to request a direct pay arrangement (at least 48 hour notice) or submit a claim. Prevent delays by installing the app on your phone prior to departure.

4)    Log on to the GeoBlue Employee website or the GeoBlue Students website and search under “find doctors and hospitals” to make an appointment and arrange for direct pay. For specialty care, click on the “destinations dashboard” to view a more complete list of providers in your location abroad. Prevent delays by registering your travel prior to departure. Students must register by using their unique certificate number assigned after enrollment. Employees should follow instructions on the GeoBlue for Employees page to complete a one-time registration.

5) Use one of GeoBlue's new Remote Care Services which allow travelers to access medical doctors and therapists remotely by telephone or video call.

6)    Arrange care independent of GeoBlue (such as using a hotel’s doctor-on-call) and pay out-of-pocket for treatment. Save all receipts and submit for reimbursement though mobile app or the website. Follow instructions listed on the reimbursement for care webpage.