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Graduate Student Travel Definition

Registered graduate student international travel is considered Northwestern-sponsored if it meets at least one of the following criteria: The travel is:

  • Funded or reimbursed, in full or in part, by Northwestern and regardless of purpose (conference attendance/participation, research or reporting, field studies, practicum, language studies, performance, competition, service learning, etc.)
  • In support of an academic assignment, work product or degree requirement supervised by Northwestern faculty or staff, including field-based or archival research, regardless of whether credit is involved or awarded.
  • Directly associated with a dissertation research coupled with active TGS 500 or TGS 512 status.
  • Directly associated with a McCormick Career Development CRDV course (while participating in a Co-op, Internship, Service Learning or Research experience).
  • Accompanied by a Northwestern faculty or staff member in the capacity of his/her employment.

*Note that an international student’s short-term trip to one’s home country (while a temporary resident of the U.S.) for research or other academic purposes may be considered university-sponsored.

Northwestern graduate student international travel is NOT considered university sponsored if:

  • The individual has withdrawn or taken a leave of absence from the institution.
  • The individual has relocated to a foreign country, one’s home country or a third country to write one’s dissertation or participate in other non-Northwestern activities (such as employment).

The following hypotheticals are examples to help Northwestern Graduate students and their faculty supervisors determine whether or not their international travel is university-sponsored.

Review GeoBlue employee eligibility requirements to determine benefits and limits for other categories of travelers, such as McGaw medical residents, post-doctoral scholars, independent contractors, volunteers, adjuncts, emeritus employees and visiting international scholars, who travel abroad on temporary assignment for Northwestern.

If questions remain about whether or not a graduate student’s travel is considered university-sponsored contact For questions about GeoBlue employee eligibility, contact Liz Marshall in the Office of Risk Management.