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Alternative Work Strategies

Dear Student Affairs Team,
The Student Affairs flexible work policy and form have been updated to match the University’s new Alternative Work Strategies (“AWS”) language. You can access the updated Student Affairs AWS Policy here. To simplify the request process, the Student Affairs’ two-step process – request form and memo of agreement – has been consolidated into one AWS Request Form.

As you know, Student Affairs has five guiding principles for the return to campus:
As the university shared in May, starting September 7, staff are expected to either work on campus daily or have an approved AWS or accommodation on file.

Every department, and every role within a department, is different. And the return to campus affects staff differently, especially caregivers and BIPOC staff who’ve been more heavily impacted by the pandemic. That’s why we encourage Student Affairs staff and supervisors to collaborate on individual, tailored solutions. For many positions, AWS can serve students while centering equity and care for staff, while other positions may necessitate more on-campus presence with some flexibility given in other ways. AWS can take various shapes, such as working from home, compressed work schedules, and/or flextime, and they may vary seasonally. During the last year, Student Affairs has been innovative by necessity. We will retain that innovative spirit as students return to campus and as the mid-pandemic world continues to evolve.

To request an AWS, please submit a SALT-member-signed AWS Request Form to Requests may be submitted at any time, but if you are requesting a September 7 effective date, please submit a SALT-member-signed form by August 23 to ensure time for review and, if needed, revision.

If you may need to request a disability accommodation, please review the information on this site and request that accommodation through the Office of Equity instead of submitting an AWS.

Questions about the policy, process, or your situation? Please contact Kendra Oyer, Student Affairs’ Director of HR & Administration.