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Navigating CAESAR



Quick Start – Click Classic Home Tile

To access a comprehensive menu of your CAESAR access, click the Classic Home tile.

admin homepage screenshot

Using the Classic Home you can navigate using the left navigation menu. This Menu contain all pages you have access to.

classic home menu screenshot of the main menu


Navigating With the NavBar

You can navigate to any page you have access to by clicking the NavBar compass icon, always located at the top right corner of your screen, then clicking Menu. 

From there you can click through the menu items to get to the item you are looking for. For organization purposes this menu is alphabetically organized however this can be changed by clicking the gear next to the NavBar

A screen shot of the nav bar and the menu tile

Saving Pages to the NAVBAR

For easy immediate access to a page, you can save it to the NavBar. 

CAESAR offers two ways to save a page to the nav bar. The first is to navigate to the page you want to save, click the actions list icon (the three vertical dots), then click Add To NavBar. Then click the NavBar (compass icon) to see you newly saved page. 

The other method can be using the settings cog at the top right of the NavBar. This opens the personalize menu and allows pages to be added to the NavBar by clicking the plus to the right of NavBar Tiles.

A screenshot showing both methods of adding a page to the NavBar, the left being from the page and the right using the settings menu to add a pageA screenshot of the navbar with the newly added page from either above method

Save Pages to Your Homepage

For one-click access to a page upon login, you can save it to your homepage.

Navigate to the page you want to save, click the actions list icon, then click Add To Homepage. Then click the Home icon to see you newly saved page.


A screenshot of using the action drop down to save a page to the homepage

It is also possible to click the personalize homepage button that is found in the actions drop down of the homepage to access the personalize homepage page where the Add Tile button can be clicked to add pages to the homepage as well.

A screen shot of the dropdown on the homepage to find the personalize homepage button

A screenshot of the personalize homepage screen


Save Pages to Favorites

You can save any page as a favorite. 

Navigate to the page you want to save, click the actions list icon, then click Add To Favorites. Click the NavBar (compass icon) and then click Favorites to see you newly saved page. You can also access your favorites (heart icon) in the top left corner of most pages. 

A screen shot of the add to favorites button and the favorites NavBar

Using the Administrator - Basic Homepage

The tiles on the Administrator-Basic homepage contain collections of commonly used pages with convenient side menus.

To view the Administrator-Basic homepage, click the name of homepage you're currently on at the top left of the page, then click Administrator - Basic.

A screen shot of the drop down and selecting the Administrator - Basic page 


screenshot of basic homepage

Customizing Your Homepage

You can rearrange the tiles on your homepages as well as add new tiles.

To rearrange the tiles on a homepage, simply click and drag.

A screen shot showing a tile on the homepage being dragged

To remove a tile you've added to your homepage or change which homepage displays first when you login, click the actions list icon, then click Personalize Homepage. Click the red trash can on a tile to remove it, then click save (you can only remove tiles that you added yourself). To change which homepage displays upon login, click and drag to rearrange the list of homepages in the left menu, then click save. The homepage at the top of the list will display first.

A screen shot of tiles being moved on the personalize homepage screen


Searching for Menu Items

A screenshot of the search bar