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PeopleSoft CAESAR Query Tool

PeopleSoft Query is an end-user reporting tool that allows users to extract information from CAESAR by using visual representations of the CAESAR database, without writing Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. Users can be granted "run-only" access, which allows them to simply run and download queries that have been developed by others, or more experienced users can be granted "write" access which allows them to develop their own queries. The queries can be as simple or as complex as necessary; they can be one-time queries or queries that are used repeatedly. Potential CAESAR Query writers should be able to demonstrate an aptitude for developing queries either from previous work experience or by attending a training session.

Access to the Query tool is granted on a module-by-module basis (i.e. Student Records, Admissions, Financial Aid, etc). To obtain access to PS Query, you will need to submit the appropriate SES query access form located on the System Access page.

Query/Report Database

Query Materials