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Approving a Grade Change - Dean Tip Sheet

Step 1

After receiving an email notification of a grade-change request, login to CAESAR using your NetID and password.

Step 2

Click on the Worklist tile, on your CAESAR Instructor/Advisor home page, to view all of the grade-change requests currently assigned to you.

Worklist tile image

Step 3

Click in the “Link” column to view a grade-change request. This will bring you to the Approve/Deny Grade-Change Request page.

Image of Select worklist item

Step 4

Review the original grade and the newly requested grade, as well as any comments made by the instructor.

Step 5

Include any comments as you see fit in the “Dean’s Comment” box.

Step 6

Approve or deny the grade change request by clicking the appropriate button.

  • The instructor and the student receive separate emails indicating that the grade-change request has been approved or denied. The instructor sees any comments that you entered, but the student does not.