Mobile-Friendly Class Search and Registration

CAESAR has an improved and mobile-friendly way for students to search and register for classes. The tile, for most Evanston-based students, is called NEW Manage Classes. See the links below, or watch the two-minute video, to learn about the features introduced with this upgrade.

Learn More:


Class Search & Enroll, for students, overview video (2 mins)


Known Issues with Mobile-Friendly Class Search

Portrait mode on mobile devices, such as smart phones (e.g., iPhones)

Problem: On mobile devices after searching for classes, if several classes are returned in the Class Search Results, in some browsers, the last search result does not display. This problem does NOT occur on tablets, such as iPads.

Solution: Turn your phone 90 degrees and use landscape mode on your mobile device. You will see the last class from the Class Search Results displayed.


"No results were returned" message when using keyword search, especially for subject names

Problem: On any kind of device, your keyword search produces no results when you are certain results should be returned.

Solutions typically involve adding or removing special characters:

  1. Hyphens - Use hyphens in class catalog numbers, such as "201-2" but do NOT use hyphens in instructor last names, such as "Jones-Smith." Instead, search on only one part of the instructor last name.
  2. Underscores - Many subject names, such as "Comp_Lit" or "Mech_Eng," require an underscore if entered in the keyword search. In order to avoid spelling mistakes or incorrect placement of the underscore, use the "Additional Ways to Search" link, below the keyword search field, and select a subject from the dropdown menu.


Class Search display issue when CTECs are blocked (mobile only)

Problem: If you did not fill out all of your CTECs last term, you are blocked from viewing CTECs. The actual blocking of viewing CTECs is not a system issue; however, in some mobile device browsers, a pop-up message displays when the Course Information displays--a pop-up message explaining that you are blocked from viewing CTECs--and then the window seems to shift to the left. It seems as if Class Search content is no longer viewable.

Solution: The problem is intermittent on some mobile devices, so try another browser on your device or clear your browser cache and try again. You can also select OK on the pop-up message, select the View CTECs tab to expand it, and finally select the Settings wheel (the icon to the right of the words "Related Information"). You should then be able to continue your class searches.