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Gender Section of the Housing Application

As you prepare to complete your housing application, the text below is what you can expect to see in the section where you select preferences and needs related to gender. Please contact our office at if you have any questions.  

Does gender play a role in your housing preference? 

Residential Services offers a variety of options to meet your needs: 

All Gender Housing refers to an arrangement whereby students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, may share a room/suite/apartment in select areas of residence halls and residential colleges.  All Gender Housing is intended to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all students and provide housing options for varying identities and preferences.  It is not intended – and is highly discouraged – for romantic relationships.  


 In suite-style buildings (560 Lincoln, Kemper, and Slivka), each floor is mixed-gender though residents have more private bathrooms. 

Single Gender buildings are available in a few small houses across campus.  Students who identify as a woman are eligible to apply for the Women’s Residential College at Hobart or can live in special interest housing at Sigma Alpha Iota at 720 Emerson.  Students who identify as a man are eligible to preference Lindgren.  Aside from Single Gender buildings, the following mixed-gender buildings have floors that are single gender as determined by the number of bathrooms on each floor: 

Buildings, floors, or wings that are not designated as All Gender or Single Gender are mixed-gender.  Assignments are made considering gender by room and bathrooms are labeled men or women.  In most cases, rooms on mixed-gender floors or wings are grouped male or female based on proximity to the associated bathroom.  The following buildings have mixed-gender floors: 

Needs and preferences related to gender will take precedence over building preferences if there is misalignment – for example, if you indicate that you need single gender housing and put your first building preference as Elder then your need for single gender housing will overrule your preference for Elder. 

Please select the statement that fits best with your needs or preference: 

In order to inform assignments, please indicate your gender identity: 

*Students who select “Prefer not to answer” will have their gender identity in the Housing Portal match the gender on their student record.