HR Staff Handbook

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The Office of Human Resources is pleased to introduce the updated 2017 Staff Handbook.  This handbook contains policy and program information that defines the responsibilities of staff members and the University's commitments to staff.

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For a complete list of updated content, see below.

Attesting to the Staff Handbook

Upon hire, each staff member (including Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Faculty Librarians) is required to attest within myHR that he or she has received the Staff Handbook. This confirmation of receipt will be retained by the University.

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Please contact or your Human Resources Business Partner with questions regarding the policies and programs within the Staff Handbook. For assistance identifying your assigned HR Business Partner, please contact 847-491-7507 in Evanston or 312-503-8481 in Chicago.

For technical assistance with completing your attestation online in myHR, please contact myHR Help at or 847-467-4800.

Updated Content for 2017

The following new and updated sections are reflected in the 2017 Staff Handbook; for any questions regarding these changes, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Newly Added Sections:

  • Northwestern University Values (Page 1.2)
  • Use of University Facilities for Political Activities (Page 3.5)
  • University Disruption and Demonstration Policy (Page 3.5)

Updated Sections:

  • Types of Employment (Page 2.2)
    Includes additional detail on tyoes oif employment at Northwestern.

  • Transfer and Promotion (Page 2.6)
    Formalizes the Department/ Business Administrator in the approval process for transfer or promotion within the first 12 months.

  • Resolving Workplace Issues (Page 2.11)
    Clarifies the resolution process based on the nature of the workplace issues.

  • Non-retaliation (Page 2.11)
    Reflects updated language applying to the entire Northwestern community and parallel with Northwestern’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct.

  • Title IX Statement and Sexual Misconduct (Page 4.2)
    Reflects updated language consistent with the Sexual Harassment Prevention Office’s policies and programs.

  • Smoking (Page 3.6)
    Prohibits vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.

  • Eligibility for FMLA Leave (Page 5.4)
    Emphasizes calculating the available FMLA Leave time using a 12-month backward rolling calendar or lookback period.

  • Extended Sick Time (Page 6.6)
    Notes that eligibility for the additional job protection available to benefits-eligible staff members with at least five years of continuous service is calculated using a rolling backwards method, making the staff member eligible for this one time within a 12-month period.

  • Unpaid Personal Leave (Page 5.10)
    Simplifies the definition and provides criteria for evaluating the request for an Unpaid Personal Leave.

  • Educational Assistance (Page 5.2)
    Reflects updated name and details of this benefit.

  • Work Hours & Payroll (Section 8)
    Expanded absenteeism policy to provide additional clarification.