Policies & Procedures

HR Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook Cover Review the Staff Handbook for complete staff employment policies and procedures.

Related University Policies

The following HR-related policies are hosted outside of the Office of Human Resources:

Conflict of Interest Policy

For information regarding Northwestern University's Conflict of Interest policy for research, faculty, and staff, please visit the NUCOI website.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

For information regarding Northwestern University’s Drug and Alcohol policy, please view the complete Policy on Drugs and Alcohol PDF.

Effort Reporting

As a recipient of significant external funding, the University must assure Federal and other sponsors that the assignment of time and associated salary and fringe benefit costs to the projects they sponsor is fair, consistent, and timely. The University fulfills this responsibility through Effort Reporting. For more information, visit the Effort Reporting website.

Non-Retaliation Policy

University policy prohibits the taking of any retaliatory action for reporting or inquiring about alleged improper or wrongful activity.  For complete policy information, please visit the Office of the Provost's Policy on Non-Retaliation.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

For information regarding how to report suspected child abuse and neglect, please view the complete Policy on Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect. Additional information is available on the HR web site.

Employment or Evaluation of Relatives Policy

In order to protect the integrity of the university academic and work environment, Northwestern University has limitations on supervisory or evaluative relationships between relatives. For more information, refer to the full Employment or Evaluation of Relatives Policy.

Additional Resources

A comprehensive list of most University policies can be found on the University Policies website.