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GeoBlue Group Enrollment

Enrolling Group Trips in GeoBlue 

Northwestern requires trip leaders or organizers to enroll all non-Kellogg students traveling on a university-sponsored group trip abroad in GeoBlue before they travel abroad. Travelers on Kellogg global programs will be automatically enrolled in the GeoBlue for Kellogg Programs blanket policy.  

Trip organizers or leader should complete a GeoBlue enrollment roster once the travelers have confirmed, approximately four weeks prior to departure. When completing the roster:  

  • Only complete columns with orange headers; click on orange headers for column instructions  
  • Do not include faculty, staff or “guests” traveling with the trip    
  • Many staff use their office address as the students’ home address which means a reimbursement check for a claim may be mailed to this office address; alternatively, add each student’s home addresses    

Once complete, send the roster to your OGSS contact below who will complete the enrollment process and provide you with enrollment confirmation and an invoice for payment. Student travelers will receive a welcome letter directly from GeoBlue with their certificate number.  

  • For group trips of Undergraduates students (or mixed student status): send roster to Andrea Mendoza  
  • For group trips of Graduate or Professional students send roster to Beth Osterlund  

Trip organizers with administrative access to the GeoBlue portal, can upload the GeoBlue roster at your convenience. Contact Beth Osterlund for GeoBlue’s Administrative Guide.  

Enrolling Independent Travelers in GeoBlue

Students traveling independently on Northwestern-related travel should use the GeoBlue enrollment portal and a personal credit card to enroll in GeoBlue for the duration of their time abroad. Undergraduate study abroad students should refer to the Global Learning Office website to determine if they should enroll in GeoBlue.   

Contact with GeoBlue questions or feedback.