Viewing Undergraduate WebNow documents

CAESAR links to imaged documents in WebNow/ImageNow are available only to the Undergraduate school advisers. If you do not see the link in CAESAR, contact your school administration to find out why your access is set the way it is.

  • Java software must be installed on your computer to use WebNow. As of fall 2017 the only two browsers supporting Java are:
    • Internet Explorer for Windows
    • Safari for Mac OS
  • If you have trouble accessing the login page for WebNow after following the directions below, go to the Java site and download the newest version of Java for Mac OS or Windows. Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge do NOT support Java.

Step 1

Login to CAESAR using your NetID and password. If your default view in CAESAR is your Student home page, first select the Instructor/Advisor home page by clicking on the triangle at the top of the page.

Click the My Advisees tile on your home page.

image of my advisees tile

Step 2

On the My Advisees page, enter the Student ID or Last Name and First Name of the advisee. Click Search.

image of search advisees

Step 3

Click View WebNow Docs in the row of the student for whom you need to view WebNow documents.

image of list of advisees

Step 4

A new tab or window should open in your browser, and you should be prompted to login to WebNow. Use your NetID and password.

Recall that you MUST use Internet Explorer or Safari and have the newest version of Java installed in order to see the WebNow login page.

To ensure account security, sign out and quit your browser when you finish.