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COVID-19 Update (as of May 3rd) 

ARTica Studios will remain closed until further notice. We encourage everyone to stay in as much as possible and stay safe. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting ARTica Studios. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Opportunities Still Available

In the meantime, there are still ways for students on campus to create art. ARTica is preparing Shelter in Place Arts and Crafts for students that are still on campus for free. Supplies will be dropped off at students' residencies.

To learn more, visit the Shelter in Place Arts and Crafts page here.



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Reserve activities and group events at ARTica!

Please email with any questions about events.


Banner Making

Reserve a time for banner painting here

Projects Price
Banner and Paints $22.00
Banner $15.00
Paints $10.00
String & Grommets $2.00


Reserve a time for rock and window painting here

Paint Projects Price
Rock Painting Supplies $85.00
Window Paints $15.00
Paint by Norris (canvas, brushes, paint) $15.00
Canvas Paint Project: 8x10 $7.00
Canvas Paint Project: 11x14 $12.00
Canvas Paint Project: 16x20 $20.00
Paddle Painting $20.00
Small Projects Paint $3.00
Washable Tempura $3.00

Paper Crafts

Paper Material Price
Craft Paper $0.50 per foot
Construction Paper $0.25 per sheet
Posterboard $1.25 per sheet
Cardstock $0.10 per sheet


Reserve a time for a group event here

Bisque Cost
Bisque Projects (includes bisque, glazes, and firing) $5.00-20.00
Bisque Group Projects (7+ people) $25.00 set-up fee + cost of each bisque item

DIY Services

Project Cost
Custom Button Making (for 1 button) $1.00
Custom Button Making (for 3 buttons)  $2.00
Hot Laminator $2.00 / foot
Cold Laminator $1.00 / foot
Binding (any size) $1.00
Tape, Glue and Scissors (in studio) FREE

Studio Usage

Membership Cost Details
Ceramics Quarterly Membership

$85.00 /NU

$155.00 /Non-NU

Includes FREE locker space and 15lbs clay. Must attend membership certification meeting.

Ceramics 3-Day Membership*

$45.00 /NU

$55.00 /Non-NU

Includes FREE locker space and 5lbs clay. (Additional clay is $2.50 /1 pound or $45.00 for 25 pounds).
Darkroom Photography Quarterly Membership

$85.00 /NU

$155.00 /Non-NU

Must pass membership quiz.
Darkroom Photography 1-Day Membership

$20.00 /NU

$25.00 /Non-NU

Must pass membership quiz.
Sewing Machine

In studio: $5.00 /day

Outside studio rental: $15 /day*

Sewing skills required.

Reserve the sewing machine here.

Studio Group Usage Fee $25.00 per day Usage fee includes free use of markers, crayons, tape, glue, pencils, ruler, tarp and clean up supplies. Reserve the space here.

NOTE: Membership lasts throughout one academic quarter. Members may use the studio during quarter breaks. 

*3-Day Members must be approved by Ceramics Technician Ian Wallach to use the studio space. Please email Ian at if interested.


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