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Recycling Review

Recycling at NU

Did you know these items can be recycled at NU?:

  1. Yogurt Tubs (as long as it’s #1-6)
  2. Orange Juice Cartons
  3. Pizza Boxes
And as a friendly reminder, here are some items you CAN'T recycle at NU:
  1. Styrofoam
  2. Paper Cups (recycle the cardboard sleeve!)
  3. Plastic Bags (recycle them on the bottom floor of Norris center, near the elevators)
For more review, check out our recycling page.

Sustainable swag

sporks, bottles, and reusable bags

If you are interested in purchasing sporks, reusable water bottles, or reusable chico bags for prizes for an event or program, contact us!