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Move Out & Donating Reusables

move out flyerOn-Campus Donations
Every June, the Office of Sustainability offers the “Take it or Leave it” program. Boxes will be placed in the lobby/entry of each residential building to collect nonperishable food items, clothing, sheets, and small household items. Food will be donated to Campus Kitchens and other items will be taken to a local charity. “Take it or Leave it” is a reminder to take things home with you or donate them. If you see something you could use in the donation boxes, you are welcome to take it. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Every year, Take it or Leave it donates more than 10,000 lbs of reusables to charity. This program has been in existence for 18 years. For information email or call NU Recycling, 847-467-1374. 

Off-Campus Options
Off-campus students can bring their donations to the Take it or Leave it locations or work with Move in Move out (MIMO), a Kellogg student initiative, which will coordinate with you to pick up your unwanted, usable items and resell them back to NU students in the fall. This is a new project that is working to end the cycle of students buying new household items every year.

Donating Larger Items
For larger items not accepted by MIMO, consider selling or giving them away via Craigslist or Evanston’s Freecycle Group.  Some charity groups, such as the Brown Elephant, Salvation Army, and Amvets will pickup donations; be sure to schedule a pickup in advance.

Selling Items
If you are looking to sell furniture and other items, try NU Free and For Sale Facebook Group and Craigslist.

Please remember to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, and glass when moving out. Check out the full list of what is recyclable on NU’s campus. If you live off campus, review Evanston’s recycling practices.

NU University Services will be collects and recycles computers, cell phones, televisions, media (CDs, tapes, etc.), microwaves, computer mice, keyboards, speakers, and printers throughout the year and has special locations during Take it or Leave it in the lobbies of Allison, Elder, Foster Walker, Sargent, 1835 Hinman, Engelhart, McManus, and Willard. For more information, contact Tom Luczkowiak.

NU University Services collects these materials throughout the year in more centralized collections as well.

Sell your textbooks back to Norris. Using your campus bookstore reduces the environmental impact by keeping books on campus and avoiding the need to ship them across the country for redistribution. 

Storing Items over the Summer
If you have items you want to keep, but cannot take them home with you- consider these recommended storage companies:
•    BoxCo.
•    NU Campus Solutions

Donating throughout the year
There are many options for donating items in the Evanston area. The Evanston YWCA has a list of donation drop boxes located throughout the community.

Charitable resale shops are another option and some charitable organizations will make pickups for larger items:   

The SWANCC Green Pages Directory is another resource for donation, reuse, and recycling options.