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RSO Trip Leader Checklist

Before the Trip
  • Confer with your Registered Student Organization (RSO) Advisor
    Meet with your RSO Advisor to discuss your trip including your destination, onsite partners and any health, safety or security concerns. The University links approval of undergraduate international travel to U.S. Department of State (DOS) Travel Advisories. Read the Travel Advisory for your destination. If the advisory for your destination is Level 3 -Reconsider Travel or Level 4 -Do Not Travel, you must seek approval from Northwestern.  When meeting with your advisor, explain: 1) why the value of the trip warrants exposure to additional risk and 2) why no similar experiences are available in countries under a Level 1 or 2 Travel Advisory. 
  • Comply with the Undergraduate Travel Policy
    If  you plan to travel to a country under a U.S. DOS Travel Advisory Level 3 -Reconsider Travel or Level 4 -Do Not Travel and your RSO Advisor has approved your tentative plan, you must follow the University Undergraduate International Travel Policy to submit a formal travel permission request. As soon as possible, contact the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) to schedule an appointment to discuss your trip and plan your formal travel permission request.
  • Risk Management Plan
    If your RSO plans to travel to a country with a U.S. DOS Travel Advisory Level 1 -Exercise Normal Precautions or Level 2 -Exercise Increased Caution, you need to prepare an RSO Risk Management Plan and submit it to the OGSS at least 6 weeks before departure.
  • Health and Safety Pre-departure Requirements
    No later than 6 weeks before departure, submit the names and NetIDs of all student travelers to the OGSS who will enroll them in a Canvas pre-departure course. Next, distribute instructions for completing Northwestern’s Health and Safety Pre-departure Requirements to your travelers. All of your travelers must complete these requirements at least 2 weeks before departure, and you will be asked to follow up with your travelers as needed.
  • Itinerary
    Shortly before your departure, submit a flight and daily itinerary, including the address and phone number(s) of all accommodations and volunteer sites to your RSO Advisor with whom you should develop a communication plan in case of an emergency.

During the Trip

  • Check-in and Assessment
    Confirm your safe arrival with your RSO Advisor and encourage participants to check-in with their families. Assess transportation, housing and working conditions, especially for students with disabilities (if applicable). Report any incidents, such as illness, injuries, or altercations to your advisor and/or the Northwestern “Dean on Call” after-hours. The after-hours “Dean on Call” number is 847-467-3022.

After the Trip

  • De-brief
    Gather participants to de-brief within 4 weeks of your return date. Distribute evaluations or record feedback and summarize suggested changes for your RSO Advisor within 8 weeks from return date.