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Student Surveys Planning Group


Mission Statement

The Student Surveys Planning Group was created to plan, organize, analyze and monitor surveys which are conducted with the student population. Meetings are held regularly throughout the year.

Seeking Approval for a Survey of Students

If you would like to seek approval from the Student Surveys Planning Group for a survey of students, please contact Debbie Crimmins (847/491-4285, Before contacting her, please read the page regarding standards and materials needed for approval.

Please note that all human subject research must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please obtain approval from the Student Surveys Planning Group before requesting approval from the IRB.

Ad-hoc requests to survey students should be presented to the group prior to the following deadlines:

Survey Quarter/Deadline
Fall - July 31st
Winter - October 31st
Spring- January 31st
Summer - May 15th