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About the Award

The Alumnae of Northwestern University Award for Curriculum Development was founded in 2014.  It is intended to support faculty work over the summer to develop new course materials, new courses, or new modes of teaching (including online courses or online education), that will enhance INNOVATION in our undergraduate curriculum.

Each Curriculum Development Award recipient will have the opportunity to address a meeting of the Board of Directors of The Alumnae of Northwestern University and to present the outcomes of their project at the annual TEACHx promoting experiments in teaching and learning forum. In addition, Provost Holloway will recognize recipients of the Curriculum Awards at the annual luncheon he hosts for all current recipients of awards established by the Alumnae of Northwestern University.


All faculty who are expected to be teaching at Northwestern for at least the next two years are eligible for this award, including non-tenure and tenure line faculty.  For non-tenure line faculty we ask for a letter from the dean indicating an expectation of a renewed appointment, in order to allow for some impact of the new curricular contribution. Applications should be sent to Lee West (

Award Amount

Each award will provide total support in the amount of $12,500.  This amount includes:

The award is not intended to fund regular instructional or administrative salaries, standard faculty leaves, faculty research (except as it relates to undergraduate teaching responsibilities), plant construction, renovation or maintenance.