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The Offer

Search Committee Recommendation

The recommendation to make an offer should be submitted to the department chair or dean and should minimally include:

  • For searches not conducted through the Faculty Recruiting System, the Faculty Search Summary  form should be included in the offer recommendation materials. Download the form HERE.
  • Material pertaining to the achievements of the proposed candidate (CV, letters of recommendation, etc.)
  • The CV for each short-listed candidate who is not receiving an offer
  • Specific comparison of the proposed candidate with all other short-listed candidates
  • A summary of the search process, including efforts made to develop a diverse pools

For all new Clinical and Instructional candidates being considered for hire in schools outside of Feinberg School of Medicine and as a result of a search, the following materials (at a minimum) are required to be included as part of the candidate packet: 

  • CV
  • Chair/Committee recommendation document
  • Candidate's cover letter and teaching statement or research statement

Committees should consult with their dean regarding any other materials the dean may wish to receive. Committees are encouraged to review Appendix G - Sample Committee Finalist Recommendation Report for an example format to organize their recommendation materials.

Maximize the likelihood that the top candidate will accept an offer by submitting the recommendation as soon as possible after the campus visit. A timely offer will demonstrate sincere interest and eagerness for the candidate to join the department or school.

Review by the Office of the Provost

The school dean submits their recommendation based on the search committee’s recommendation and supporting materials to the Office of the Provost for review and approval, using Northwestern’s Faculty eOffer module within the MyHR system. The recommendation should include all of the supporting materials referenced in the above section.

No offer, oral or written, may be made for a full-time faculty position before the Office of the Provost has reviewed the submitted materials and approved the appointment.