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Public Affairs Residential College (PARC)

This page contains programmatic information about the Public Affairs Residential College. You can access building information on the Public Affairs Residential College facilities page.

College Website

Visit the Public Affairs Residential College website

College Staff

Faculty Chair

Michelle Molina, Religious Studies

Associate Chair

Keith Woodhouse, History

Assistant Chair

Enzo Enrique Vasquez Toral, Performance Studies

Faculty Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Public Affairs Residential College! We are a community of politically and socially engaged students, faculty, and staff who understand "public affairs" in the broadest sense. In addition to lunches, fireside chats, and activities in and around Chicago, we host political presentations and discussions, and in this election year we'll hold viewing parties for the presidential debates. We are always open to new ideas and activities from our residents, with the goal of building a better sense of community in our college, on campus, and even across the nation. Check out our website from the link above for a glimpse of what we’re about!

Public Affairs Residential College Fellows and Graduate Associates

Name Position Department
Raquel Amorese Assistant Professor of Instruction Spanish & Portuguese
Elise De Los Santos Lecturer Journalism
Mesmin Destin Associate Professor Education & Social Policy
Lane Fenrich Distinguished Senior Lecturer History and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Desiree Hanford Assistant Professor Journalism
Sara Hernandez-Saborit Associate Professor of Instruction Economics
Chad Horne Assistant Professor of Instruction Philosophy
Ian Hurd Professor Political Science
Sarah Idzik Graduate Associate Communication Studies
Daniel Immerwahr Professor History
Dani Kissinger Graduate Associate Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
Jacqueline Stevens Professor Political Science
David Tolchinsky Professor Radio/TV/Film
Julie Windsor-Mitchell Director University Christian Ministry
Keith Woodhouse Associate Professor History