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International Studies Residential College (West Fairchild)

This page contains programmatic information about the International Studies Residential College. You can access building information on the International Studies Residential College facilities page.

College Website:

Visit the International Studies Residential College website

College Staff

Faculty Chair

Erin Waxenbaum, Anthropology

Associate Chair

Margaret Dempster, French & Italian

Assistant Chair

Nathan Lamp, Performance Studies

Faculty Chair Welcome:

ISRC is the perfect place to make the most of your Northwestern experience! Situated right in the heart of south campus, ISRC residents come from nations across the globe whose interests range from international studies to communications to engineering to pre-med. At ISRC, we have so much to offer: weekly catered munchies, cultural excursions throughout Chicago, International Film Night, philanthropy events, in-dorm classes/seminars, language lunch tables, fireside chats with esteemed faculty members. We are so fortunate to have scores of faculty members who serve as Faculty Fellows, participating directly in the intellectual and social life of ISRC. We can’t wait to meet you!

International Studies Residential College Fellows and Graduate Associates

Name Position Department
Daniele Biffanti Assistant Professor of Instruction Department of French and Italian
Stephen Hill Senior Associate Director Operations Office of Fellowships
Shuwen Li Associate Professor of Instruction Cook Family Writing Program
Shannon Millikin Associate Professor of Instruction Spanish & Portuguese
Julia Oliver Rajan Associate Professor of Instruction Spanish & Portuguese
Carl Petry  Professor Emeritus History
Lawrence Pinto Professor Emeritus Neurobiology
Aude Raymond Associate Professor of Instruction French & Italian
Andrew Roberts Associate Professor Political Science
Laurence Schiller Retiree Fencing
Kayla Schroeder Graduate Associate Statistics and Data Science
Yumi Shiojima Professor of Instruction Asian Languages & Cultures
Ana Thome Williams Professor of Instruction Spanish & Portuguese
Oya Topcuoglu Assistant Professor of Instruction Middle East & North African Studies
Katia Viot-Southard Associate Professor of Instruction French & Italian