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Humanities Residential College (Chapin Hall)

This page contains programmatic information about the Humanities Residential College. You can access building information on the Humanities Residential College facilities page.

College Website

Visit the Humanities Residential College website

College Staff

Interim Faculty Chair

Meaghan Fritz, Writing Program

Associate Chair

Sean Ebels Duggan, Philosophy

Assistant Chair

Tochukwu Eze, Computer Science

Faculty Chair's Welcome

Greetings and welcome! My name is Tom Burke, and I am the faculty chair in Chapin. On behalf of faculty fellows and the Chapin staff, please know that we are so excited that you’ll be joining our community next year! Chapinos are a special breed: we are engineers, actors, biologists, and historians, for instance, and while our educational pursuits may vary, we are united by a common interest in--and reflection on--the human experience. We invite you to grow comfortable with your RC family, to experience our collective curiosity, and to laugh and have fun with us!

This year we will face new obstacles as we navigate through these difficult and unpredictable times. Where we once had the luxury of large gatherings, for instance, we now charge ourselves with exploring different and innovative ways to engage each other and the community. This could feel daunting—and, it is daunting—except that there is a long tradition of friendship, fellowship, and perseverance in Chapin, and those traits are thriving presently. These days, the truly exceptional quality of character in Chapin has emerged. There is great excitement to be together and to share our ideas and experiences. We are very excited for the upcoming year, and for you to be with us!   I am very excited by the individual expertise and experiences we all bring to the table in Chapin, whether that’s because of where we grew up—in another part of the country, or on another continent—or because of the books we’ve read and people we’ve met. Chapinos have always impressed me with their genuine curiosity about the world.

In addition to my role with Chapin, I also work in the Kaplan Humanities Institute in WCAS. If you’re in the Kaplan Scholars Program, you’ll see me regularly. I am also a writer, and you can sometimes find me teaching creative writing, or heading to literary events on campus and in Chicago. I hope some of you will join me for these literary excursions!

We look forward to a wonderful 2020-2021 together! Welcome!

Humanities (Chapin) Residential College Fellows and Graduate Associates

Name Position Department
Mark D'Arienzo Senior Associate Director Residential Services
Elzbieta Foeller-Pituch Assistant Director Center for Historical Studies
Erik Gernand Associate Professor of Instruction Radio/TV/Film
Isaac Ginsberg Miller Graduate Associate African American Studies
Mel Keiser Business Coordinator Art History
Elizabeth McCabe Assistant Professor of Instruction Chicago Field Studies
Jason Roberts Associate Director Office of Fellowships
Ingrid Zeller Professor of Instruction German