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Stay Off the Rocks and Roofs

One small step could cost you. Smart Dillos don’t test the limits of gravity while exploring other planets.

Stay on the ground and off roofs, and don’t explore the ‘moon’ rocks on the lakefill. 

If you have access to a roof or somebody invites you to go out on a rooftop, don’t. Even if you are not impaired, being on a roof is extremely dangerous. If a person is intoxicated, that risk is even greater. Falls from even short heights can result in serious injury including head/brain trauma, bone fractures, and death.

The rocks on the lakefill possess an added risk for injury beyond broken bones or head injuries from falls. Slipping and falling into the lake could result in additional injuries, hypothermia, or drowning. Obey all warning signs and security personnel and do not go onto the rocks during Dillo Day. 

For more information on the risk associated with falling visit safeopedia and this Purdue University study on falls among college students. 


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