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Sensory Space

Statement of Purpose

The Sensory Space is a waiting room area and Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) where students are welcome to interact with stimuli to engage the tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive senses simultaneously.  Its purpose is to enhance wellness by way of gentle, positive multi-sensory stimulation for stress reduction and mindfulness. 

About The Sensory Space

Modeled after traditional “Snoezelen” multi-sensory rooms, The Sensory Space includes different mediums and items for sensory engagement.

Students will find:

Photo Gallery

bubble-wall-imx.jpg coloring-book-imx.jpg fidget-toys-imx.jpg 

lava-lamp-imx.jpg room-shot-imx.jpg senosory-space-sign-imx.jpg

sensory-space-full-imx.jpg textured-pillows-imx.jpg weighted-lap-pads-imx.jpg