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Shuttle Advertising

Transportation Services offers advertising opportunities on its Evanston shuttle routes, which serve faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. Advertising is available to Northwestern-affiliated departments, schools, programs/services, and approved student groups. Ads are installed on buses that service the Intercampus, Evanston Loop, and Campus Loop routes. Some routes operate during the academic year only, please visit the Campus Shuttles page for route information. Combined, these routes provide over 700,000 rides annually.

Read the information below, then simply fill out the Shuttle Advertising Reservation Form. For questions email

General Information

Reservations are made in one-month increments, up to 12 consecutive months. All reservations begin on the first of the month and are removed at the end of the last reservation month. Payment is by chartstring only which must be provided at the time of reservation. Recharges are done as a one-time recharge at the time of installation.

Transportation Services must approve all ads. A PDF proof of the ad design must be submitted for approval by the 5th of the month prior to the ad start date. Once approved, printed ads are to be received by Transportation Services by the 15th of the month prior to the installation month. Ads are then installed and removed during the closest weekend to the beginning of the month.

This table provides an example timeline of the process and when things are due
Timeline Example
Display Months: April, May, June
Proof Approval Date: March 5
Printed Copies Due: March 15
Installation Date April 1
Removal Date: June 30

Ad Sizes and Specifications

Three different sizes are available. Note the difference between the viewable area versus the trim size. Viewable area refers to the visible ad space a rider will see. Trim size are the dimensions the physical printed copies must be. If they are cut to another dimension, they will not fit and will not be placed.

This table provides the dimensions of the live area of the ad versus the final physical size of the sign
Ad Size Live Area Trim Size
Quarter (18") 10.25"h x 18"w 11.125"h x 18"w
Half (36") 10.25"h x 36"w 11.125"h x 36"w
Full (54") 10.25"h x 54"w 11.125"h x 54"w
A few notes:
  • Text Size: Be aware of readability of your ad. 100 point type is best and it is not recommend to use below 40 point.
  • Printing: Ads should be produced on heavy paper with lamination on front and back. 100# paper with 1.5mm lamination is recommended. Transportation Services is not responsible for ads that deteriorate over time.
  • You must provide 18 printed copies.


Advertisers are responsible for all costs of design and production. You may use any print company, but Northwestern has discounted pricing with some vendors that are designated as Preferred Vendor, such as Quartet Digital Printing.
This table outlines the cost per size of ad
Ad Size Cost per Month One-time Installation Cost
Quarter (18") $60.00 $150.00
Half (36") $125.00 $150.00
Full (54") $185.00 $150.00


Transportation Services reviews all ads and has the right to reject any ad based on content. Although not a complete list, the following types of advertisements are examples that will not be accepted.

  • Promoting the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms
  • Promoting illegal activity
  • Attacks on an individual’s protected identity group such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc…
  • Political, biased, slanderous, or discriminatory content
  • Detrimental or damaging to the University
  • Use the University’s logo or trademarks without the permission of the Trademark Licensing Office

 The advertiser is responsible for reproduction of any signs that become damaged, vandalized, or stolen due to riders’ actions or normal wear and tear.