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Environmental Health and Safety

Keeping the community and environment safe

Welcome to Environmental Health and Safety!

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers programs, training, and resources designed to provide safe conditions for faculty, staff, and students.

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

EHS is responsible for the development and implementation of environmental health and safety programs as outlined in the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Policy.


Learn about University measures to reduce the impact of hazardous materials into the air, soil, and water. 

Mitigation Measures

Occupational Health

Learn about measures to prevent injuries and eliminate health risks that can be encountered on the job.

Prevention Measures

Facility Safety

Find programs and procedures that prevent or minimize faculty, staff, student, and contractor exposure to dangerous activities and environments. 

Facility Safety Programs

Workplace Safety

Review guidelines for general safety procedures, such as fire prevention and training, injury reporting, and hazard communication.

Safety Guidelines

EHS Policy

Review the University's policy that supports EHS's programs and endeavors.
EHS Policy

EHS Training

Review the training courses that EHS offers for faculty, staff, and students.
EHS Training