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Daily visitor parking permit: $9.00

Visitors and guests need a permit if they plan to park on campus Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitor permits are non-refundable. Use of visitor permits is prohibited by faculty, staff, and students.

Visitors with handicapped license plates or placards from a government agency may park in designated handicapped spaces or at parking meters. University parking permits are required in non-handicapped spaces.

How to obtain

  • Individuals may purchase visitor permits at the Parking Services Office, or pay the daily rate at pay stations located in the North and South Parking Garages.
  • University departments may purchase visitor permits by contacting the Parking Services Office or by submitting the form below. Departments are limited to 30 permits per quarter or a quantity determined by Parking Services by available space.

Departments anticipating many visitors for a special event, conference, meeting, etc. should review the Policy for Event Hosts.

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Permit Type

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If you do not have a Project/Activity code, please enter "0" in that field.

Permits to be


Visitor Permits are not refundable. Use of Visitor Permits or validated garage tickets by faculty/staff/students is prohibited.

Departments are required to notify the Parking Office thirty days in advance of any event involving parking by over 30 vehicles.