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My car is in for service and I have a loaner, what should I do?

You can obtain a temporary permit at the Parking Services Office. There is no charge for annual permit holders. You will need to present your Wildcard.

I have a new car, how do I get a replacement permit?

Remove the permit from your vehicle (a razor blade scraper will work well) and return it to the Parking Services Office. See Cancellations & Replacement for more information.

I have a new car, but I have a carpool permit, how do I get a replacement permit?

Remove both permits from your two vehicles (a razor blade scraper will work well) and return them to the Parking Services Office, along with your carpool hangtag. See Cancellations & Replacement for more information.

I sold my old car and can't get the old sticker back, what should I do to get a replacement permit?

You may have to come into Parking Services to fill out an affidavit. See Cancellations & Replacement for more information.

I don't need to park on campus anymore, can I get a refund for my parking permit?

Yes. See Cancellations & Replacements for more information.

My car was booted, what should I do?

Do not move the vehicle. Contact the Parking Services Office. In order to get the boot removed, you are required to pay any outstanding ticket fines and the boot fee. See Violations, Towing & Booting for more information.

How can I appeal a ticket?

You can file an appeal online. Visit the Ticket Appeals webpage.

How can I order visitor permits for my department?

See Visitor Permits for information and the order form.

Can I reserve a parking lot for a special event?

No. Parking is limited on campus, and lots must be kept open for faculty, staff, and students that have purchased parking permits. See Policy for Event Hosts for more information.

I paid for a parking permit, but I can't find a parking space close to my destination. What should I do?

No one is guaranteed a parking space. Center campus lots fill especially quick. However, there are garages on the north and south ends of campus that rarely reach capacity.

I'm attending a football game, where can I park?

Game day parking is coordinated by the Athletic Department. Please see their parking information site for more information.

I am visiting campus, will I need a parking permit?

A permit is needed if you will be parking on campus Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Your Northwestern department host may also be able to supply you with a visitor permit. See Visitor Permits for more information.

Today is a holiday, do I need a permit?

Permits are not required on days the University is closed for business. Please refer to Human Resources' list of Paid University Holidays for dates that permits are not required.

I have an evening/weekend class or am attending an evening/weekend event, do I need a permit?

Parking is free in campus lots after 4 p.m. weekdays and all day on weekends. Parking enforcement begins at 8 a.m. on weekdays.

Is my Chicago campus permit valid on the Evanston campus? Is my Evanston permit valid in Chicago?

The Chicago campus full time permit (purple sticker) is valid on the Evanston campus. No Evanston campus permits are valid on the Chicago campus.

I am a Northwestern faculty/staff/student. Can I use a visitor permit?

Chicago and Evanston faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from using visitor permits.  Visitor permits are intended for University guests. However, Northwestern community members may purchase daily and/or long-term permits at Parking Services.

I am a Chicago campus faculty/staff/student. Can I purchase an Evanston campus permit?

Daily faculty/staff/student permits are available for purchase at the Evanston Campus Parking Services Office.

Chicago campus faculty and staff may purchase a longer term Evanston campus permit with a letter of authorization from their department verifying official business on the Evanston campus.

Chicago campus students are eligible provided that they have Evanston campus classes during enforcement hours (subject to verification by class schedule).