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Cancellations & Replacement

It is your responsibility to notify Parking Services if you no longer wish to park on campus or if you terminate employment. Remove the sticker(s) from the vehicle (a razor blade scraper works well to remove stickers). Please photograph the removed sticker(s) and email the photo to Please include your name and employee ID number. It is okay if the sticker breaks, tears or is in pieces. Refunds/cancellations are processed only upon receipt of a photo of the removed sticker(s).

  • Faculty/Staff: Faculty/staff will be charged for each month the permit is assigned. Faculty and staff must remove their permit(s) and hang tag (if applicable). Payroll deductions will not be terminated until proof of the removed permit(s) is received by the Parking Services Office; remove the permit and email the photo as described above. Please remember that parking payroll deductions fall one month behind; for example, the February deduction pays for January parking.
  • Emeritus Faculty: Simply remove the sticker, photograph the sticker and email the photo as described above. No further action is required. Your Wildcard parking access will be deactivated on the date of cancellation.
  • Student: No refunds are issued after the fifth day of spring quarter. Outstanding, non-appealable violations will be assessed to the refund.

Replacement & temporary permits

A $7.00 fee will be charged for a replacement annual permit. Temporary (monthly, quarterly, etc.) permits cannot be replaced; new permits must be purchased at the current rate.

If you bought a new car or decided to purchase a carpool/multi-car permit: You must scrape off the old permit, photograph the removed sticker and email the photo to Include your name and employee ID number. If you have a carpool/multi-car permit, you must photograph both permits and the carpool hang tag. We will issue you a new set.

If you sold your car and did not retrieve the permit: If you have a carpool/multi-car permit, remove the remaining permit and carpool hang tag, photograph and email it, as described above. If you have a single car permit, before a replacement permit can be issued you will need to complete an affidavit verifying you are not able to return the permit. Affidavits are available in the Parking Services office.